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Client Stories

of transformations with True Aim



from clients and coaches who

have worked with Gina


Debra Sunderland

CEO, Coach-Resilience Warrior,
Business Transformer, Strategic Advisor 

“Gina is a gem! Her emotional intelligence is keen and her coaching is transformative, as she get to the heart of the issue. Gina guides leaders to discover their hidden, repetitive thoughts that lead to ineffective actions. She then provides caring support to new perspectives and results that bring the change most wanted. She shines in one to one and team coaching. I highly recommend her, if you want to be the change.”


Jim Dethmer

Co-Founder and Author,
Conscious Leadership Group

"In my experience, great coaches have three things. First, they have a deep commitment to doing their own work. Whatever they are supporting you to do they are doing or have done. They are fierce in facing their stuff. Second, they have the ability to be fully present with an open heart of compassion. There is nothing you can reveal that they can’t love. And third, they have serious coaching chops. They have skills and processes that work and with which they have mastery. Gina is all this and more."


Tricia Timm

General Counsel, Looker
Data Sciences; DEI Leader 

“The tools I learned with Gina have completely changed the way I communicate with others.  Not only has it raised my awareness of how I am feeling, but Gina has taught me how to communicate with others in a positive, fun, and effective way.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to find ways to communicate with the people in their lives."


Michael Todd

Managing Director, Australia/
New Zealand at Hallmark Cards

“It has been an extraordinary experience working with Gina these past few years. Gina has supported me both as a coach, a colleague and a wonderful friend. Gina has an unconditional love for others, a big warm heart and a gentle ability to connect with the people around her."


Samir Wagle

Founder, 11:Eleven Partners

“When I first met Gina, I was immediately impressed by her kindness, wisdom, and caring nature. Over the past several years I've seen how her commitment to consciousness has created real impact in her clients. I highly recommended as a coach.”


Pidge Meade

Transformational Entertainer,
Speaker & Trainer

“Gina Urzi is a brilliant, insightful, heart-centered, intuitive coach and facilitator. She naturally creates an environment of compassion, curiosity, and nonjudgmental presence that invites clients to a deep level of self-awareness ... I have loved working with Gina ... and she has enriched my life through her skillful and loving coach and her wise challenger.” 

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