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True Aim Coaching Group

led by founder and CEO, Gina Urzi

Working with Gina

I am a certified Conscious Leadership coach with extensive experience in transforming organizational leadership. With the goal of igniting genius in leadership, my focus revolves around authentic connection — aligning leaders with their vision.

I coach companies, teams, and individuals who are seeking effective communication in place of drama and stress. Using tools centered on constructive communication, we will work together to cultivate a team deeply connected in trust.

My approach, shaped by my degrees in occupational therapy and development, is grounded in the evidence-based ideas of Conscious Leadership. As a One-Shift "Igniting Genius Leaders" and 15 Commitments Relationship Coach, I have had the opportunity to work with experts like Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, Katie Hendricks, and Byron Katie — I bring this unique background and expertise to all of my client relationships.


The True Aim Ethos

By bringing in fresh tools for connection, I aim to infuse my clients' leadership philosophies with transformative new values: universal integrity, authentic trust, and continuous learning.

Our work together will instill true accountability and a “culture of ease,” with every individual learning practical ways to communicate with candor, take ownership of action, and approach problems with curiosity.

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