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One-on-one Coaching

Executive Coaching

Public Speaking Events


One-on-one Coaching


Gina works with leaders and individuals through one-on-one coaching by helping maximize their purpose, vision, and mission. She offers regular or one-time sessions that are highly personalized and structured according to each client's specific goals. Through this focused approach to empowering leadership, Gina effectively helps you uncover what is getting in the way of desired outcomes — and step into creating what you most want.

Colleagues in Hallway

Executive Coaching


Working with corporate leaders and their teams, Gina helps to eliminate stress, conflict, and miscommunication in the workplace. Using the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, her sessions support teams in establishing group integrity, growing self-awareness, and crafting "abundance mindsets," allowing for more open conversations and effective collaboration. Beyond the C-suite, Gina aspires to include every level of management in the conversation, transforming teams from top to bottom.

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Intensives & Team Trainings

Through half- and full-day intensives, Gina helps teams deep-dive into exploring and uprooting workplace issues. This dedicated time for leadership development, which Gina structures and facilitates, sparks growth for every individual in a team. In this way, intensives can truly accelerates the entire group's transformation. The outcomes of this collective commitment to "doing the work" are powerful and tangible: more empathic communication, open mindsets, and authentic connection.


Public Speaking Events

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Gina offers availability as a contracted keynote speaker, attending corporate events, team-building retreats, fundraising initiatives, and more. Her recent engagements have included community and non-profit projects as well as work with the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) summits.

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